FlyInside Flight Simulator

We are developing a next-generation flight simulator, and we'll be sharing our progress regularly via this website. We're looking forward to sharing our progress with the community, and we'll be paying close attention to your feedback. We aren't just building the right simulator for us, we want to build the best simulator for you!

Below you'll find the first video of our sim, followed by in-depth Q&A, and a naming contest with a great prize!

Our new flight simulator is designed to take advantage of modern multi-core processors and GPUs to provide great frame-rates, accurate flight dynamics, and a flexible, open platform for add-on developers. To keep up-to-date, sign up for our mailing list.

Development Screenshots

See our progress in pictures, and some mistakes along the way too.

Sierra LSA thanks to Ant's Airplanes

717 thanks to TFDi Design

717 thanks to TFDi Design

737-200 thanks to MILVIZ

717 thanks to TFDi Design

407 thanks to MILVIZ

T-34 Turbo Mentor thanks to Virtavia

717 thanks to TFDi Design

Questions, Answers, and Information

  • What sets FlyInside Flight Simulator apart from other sims?

    FlyInside Flight Simulator is a novel flight simulator built from the ground up, and engineered to take advantage of today's modern technology. FlyInside's unique flight simulator engine was designed with Vulcan support to make the most of your processor and graphics card.

    Rather than being limited by single-core performance, FlyInside can comfortably spread out its work-load on 4-8 cores.

    This means higher frame-rates (smoother on the desktop, and more comfortable in VR), better graphics, and longer draw-distances, without requiring a top-of-the-line PC. At the same time, you can really turn settings up on high-end hardware without being bottlenecked by one processor core.

Survey & Naming Contest

For now we've been calling this new simulator FlyInside Flight Simulator. Despite our lack of creativity, we think that a better name must exist! If you have an idea for a simulator name, propose it in the survey. If you win you will receive:

  • Copies of all existing and future FlyInside products
  • A $500 Amazon gift-card
  • Your name in the simulator credits screen

Note that if multiple people suggest the winning name, only the first counts as the winner.

Even more importantly, we want to know what you're looking for in a flight simulator. We'll be reading your responses to shape and prioritize simulator features.

Finally, we'll be collecting beta testers based upon survey results. If you're interested in beta testing the simulator, please fill out the survey, and check "Yes" under the Beta Tester question.

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